Selva Timeless beauty, the fascination of the transitional, and unique variety are what Selva is most famous for

Selva & Co. founded in Bolzano, Italy in 1968 |

Every piece of Selva furniture is an exquisite work of handcrafted art. For that reason, Selva's customers can take pleasure not only in the design, but also in the perfect and loving workmanship, as well. Down to the finest detail. Masterpieces from the most diverse stylistic trends are not only copied by Selva, but also newly interpreted and varied with a creativity that is true to the style. Because for Selva, the classic is not a stiff object, but rather a living work of art which is designed and produced by genuine experts in their field. It's no wonder, then, that a good many of Selva's creations even surpass their classic model in form and workmanship.

Sharooz Sophisticated Elegance / Artistic Acrylic Since 1992

Sharooz founded in California in 1992 |

Shahrooz has quickly dominated the acrylic home furnishing market by continuously producing products known to elevate the market for quality craftsmanship, intelligent design, and articulate expressions. Founder and President as well as designer, Shahrooz Nia, is inspired by the clarity that the acrylic materials provide him along with the flexibility of being more artistic with the designs. Shahrooz has introduced numerous design concepts such as carved and hand painted acrylic artifacts. All of the Shahrooz original designs are registered with the USA copyright office and are signed by the artist for authenticity. Each piece is an original handmade product with its own design and distinguishing characteristics, no two pieces are exactly alike.

Jean Fares Couture Designer Red Carpet and Couture Gowns

Being a distinguished dreamer, Jean Fares is a talented fashion designer from Lebanon, known for his sense of mixing and communicating with colors in a mysterious and elegant way. Jean Fares is determined to make women feel a constant freshness that reveals on her body in a refined sexy, warm and distinguishably daring elegance.

LAGGO With Passion

LAGGO is a statement, a style created by meticulous craftsmanship. It stands for luxury and innovative design. The collection embodies color and thoughtful details that turn LAGGO into a lifestyle.

A treasure is something you find at a time when it's unexpected, something that takes you on a new journey and feels like it's been a part of you your whole life.

Amsale Bridal Gowns

Amsale's elegant designs have made her the number one couture wedding gown designer in the United States, and won her the reputation as the creator of the modern wedding dress.

Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon

Blanton's is a handcrafted premium Kentucky whiskey, aged to perfection and bottled one barrel at a time in very limited quantities. The Master Distiller carefully monitors the aging of selected barrels until they reach the peak of maturity. They are never blended, but bottled one barrel at a time by hand. The result is a bourbon of pure and unparalleled perfection. Blanton's is recognized by the top tasting experts around the world.

Buffalo Trace Bourbon

As the mighty buffalo thundered across the land, they carved paths in the wilderness and a destiny for our ancestors. These paths, known as traces, were soon marked with the footprints of adventurers, explorers and pioneers as they made their journey to the west. One such trace, called the Great Buffalo Trace, led to the rugged banks of the Kentucky River. It was here in Franklin County, millions of buffalo found passage across the river in their move toward the Great Plains. The migration of these herds left a rough wide clearing that would become a gateway to a new frontier that invited renowned explorers and pioneers, such as George Rogers Clark, Daniel Boone, and countless settlers who pushed America westward more than 220 years ago.

Those who settled here were quick to take advantage of the abundant limestone spring water and fertile soil perfect for growing exceptional grain. Distillation soon followed and what would become the area's distinguished bourbon heritage took root.

Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is not a pretentious brand. It's limited, a little hard to find, premium, but not pompous. Guys like it because of the quality, the taste, and because it's not for sissies. Men 21-30 have fallen in love with Buffalo Trace because it's not mainstream and boring like other brands. It's well made and smooth, but hard to find. Guys don't drink Buffalo Trace out of martini glasses. It's for real men doing serious drinking.

Rain Vodka

Rain vodka with its most appealing tear drop shaped bottle is made from organic grain and pristine limestone water. Rain Vodka is quadruple distilled to give it unparalleled smoothness and purity.

Voss Water - Artesian Water from Norway

Bottled under the strict supervision of the Norwegian institute of Water Research, Voss Artesian water is so naturally pure so naturally low in sodium, so naturally free of minerals that no other water source in this planet can compare.